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At CookerX, our mission is to transform the way people cook and experience their kitchen space.


CookerX is a pioneering company that specializes in the production of innovative appliances for modern kitchens. Our flagship product is the invisible stove, designed to be installed discreetly under the countertop. We have revolutionized the future of induction cooking by making it virtually invisible, providing a clean and spacious kitchen environment.

Customization Possibilities
The design of the CookerX provides a neutral backdrop, allowing you to customize the surrounding space according to your preferences. You can add decorative elements, personalize the countertop, or introduce accent pieces without worrying about design conflicts.
Unmatched Functionality
The CookerX is designed to elevate your cooking experience by offering unmatched functionality that goes beyond the capabilities of traditional cooking surfaces.
Future is here
Discover the next generation of cooking with CookerX - efficient, safe and stylish. Our advanced induction technology combines discreet performance with stunning design.
Space Optimization
The minimalist design of the cooktop enables you to personalize the surrounding space. You can add decorative elements, install additional storage, or create a bespoke kitchen environment that reflects your style, all made possible by the optimized space provided by CookerX.
CookerX, the modern Kitchen Appliance
The CookerX, paired with any Ceramic Countertop Material has no seams so it is very easy to maintain clean.

2500 +

Living Dreams Fulfilled

CookerX has worked on over 2500 projects all over the world.

5 +

Years of Experience

CookerX has developed an induction hob that can be positioned just under the kitchen countertop, and heats the pans through the surface.

100 +

Different Styles

CookerX units can fit into over 100+ different ceramic styles.


The induction system is totally integrated in the kitchen top, with no need to cut the hi-performance sintered slabs.


When not working for cooking, the kitchen top can be used for other purposes.


Being a compact surface with no porosity, the kitchen top is highly higienic and easy to clean.


You cannot get burned, only the iron recipients get warm; without them the system doesn’t work and it does not consume energy.


The Induction system, thanks to its very high termal efficiency (more than double compared to the traditional gas system) is the cheaper system.


The induction cooking system of Cooker X can be installed on over 100+ different ceramic slabs.

What is CookerX?


Innovation, luxury, symbol of the kitchen of the future: the invisible induction cooktop is this and much more. The latest trends in the interior design sector depict an aesthetically perfect cooktop that is also functional. To solidify this proposal, the invisible cooking system comes into play. At first glance it seems like a normal kitchen, but the worktop is hiding the cooking system: the induction plates are located just below the countertop.

CookerX has developed an induction hob that can be positioned just under the kitchen countertop, and heats the pans through the surface.

Its innovative technology combines a functional cooking surface with a luxury design.

There is a cooking zone, but it cannot be seen: once it is shut off, it is the ideal worktop for any activity. The countertop therefore also becomes a cooking surface in a wonderful seamless composition.

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A stylistic and design choice, which is also an advantage in terms of cleanliness and efficiency. A countertop with an invisible cooktop made of stoneware is a guarantee that it is impermeable, resistant and long lasting. It resists heat and staining and is ideal for use in direct contact with food. It can also be highly personalized: we can choose whether the marble effect, the stone or wood look or a solid color slab best fits our needs. Without forgetting that an induction cooker has a lower consumption with respect to a traditional gas system, offering substantial energy savings.

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How it Works

CookerX is installed beneath your countertop. Using advanced invisa-induction technology, it works through your countertop to effectively heat the surface and create an adequate cooking space where there might not traditionally appear to be one. Additionally, as the CookerX does not generate direct heat, it remains safe to use as traditional counter space when you’re not cooking.

Your kitchen isn’t just where you cook — it’s a central area in your home where you build the foundation for your family’s health and well-being. As such, your kitchen should be safe, aesthetically appealing, and feature the latest technology that will allow you to cook efficiently without sacrificing flavor or time.


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